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Go Yammy Yammy Cupcakes Available at Mauya!

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Our toys have arrived for this holiday season!

Image of Yammy Yammy Cupcakes display at the Mauya store.

Join the the adventure with Go Yammy Yammy Cupcakes and collect Mix n' Match Cups, Mini Boo cards, and fight against Monsters from the World of Fleur! Each Starter Pack comes with Light Up Figures and even a Mystery Cup, so dough'nt wait too long and go to your nearest Mauya Store before they're all gone!

Story Premise

Six Bakers stumble across a magical recipe book and become trapped in the World of Fleur; a place where sand is made of flour and clouds are made of cotton candy. They must work together alongside Mini Boos in order to solve the mysteries, fight off monsters, and find a way home!

Image of Cocoa Rico

There are over 24 Common Cups and 6 Special Cups to collect. Get started and join the adventure!

Image of Cocao Rico

Meet Cocoa Rico

Cocoa Rico is an aspiring baker who leared to make chocolate flavored treats from his abuelita. He's not afraid of being a little loco it it means bringing life and joy to the scene. He loves festivals and parties because it brings together friends and family for a memorable time.

Image of Berry Bella

Meet Berry Bella

Berry Bella is a talented baker who learned to bake through rigorous self-teaching. She is usually focused on accomplishing her goals but discovers there are other things just as important as baking.

Image of Velvet Vincent

Meet Velvet Vincent

Velvet Vincent believes that his creations will bond people together like hydrogen atoms. Vincent has a big heart and is very generous about showing affection, especially on Valentine's Day!

Image of Banana Lona

Meet Banana Lona

Banana Lona comes from the countryside who works very hard to keep her family's secret recipe alive. She's afraid of trying new things but is very careful about handling her recipes and cherishes time with her friends.

Image of Keylime Jude

Meet Keylime Jude

A baker who sneaked out of a royal kingdom to pursue his own dreams rather than the one given to him. He hopes to make his own recipes and live by

his own rules.

Image of Carrot Kate

Meet Carrot Kate

Carrot Kate is a non-conventional baker who improvises baking ingredients. Coming from a big family, Kate is used to last-minute improv to save a recipe, so food never goes to waste.

Image of Yammy Yammy Cupcakes boxes.
Image of Yammy Yammy Cupcakes keychains.

Join the Adventure on Webtoons!

See all the cute action and comedy on Go Yammy Yammy Cupcake's very own webcomic!

Be sure to check out Go Yammy Yammy Cupcake's Website

and visit Coosy USA's other cute characters!

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